Some things I made

Here are some of the projects that I've been involved with in a professional, academic or personal way:

  • My Cambridge Master's project, implementing new techniques for sequential Monte Carlo (particle) filters on limit order books.

  • Murmur and Squadbox — My undergraduate research project contributed to the Haystack group at MIT's CSAIL. Working on bringing email into the 21st century through filtering algorithms, community moderation and web mailing list management. Code (mainly Python via Django) is on GitHub. Press coverage in Business Insider and The Verge.

  • Acclimate — A little web-app which helps me know what the weather's going to be like and tells me what I need to wear when out training on my road bike, so I don't need to think about it. Written in JavaScript. Code on GitHub.

  • rgb-tk — a C++ application that I built to enable me to control my RGB LED light strip via webhooks. All sorts of automation is possible once you have IFTTT integration.

  • The Menu — I got frustrated with the rather clunky format of the Pembroke catering blog and their online menus, so I made a web-app to display them quickly and cleanly. All done in JavaScript, using Yahoo's YQL to grab the blog feed and parses it with a whole lot of regexs.

  • mbed Hackathon — The task was to create a wearable device using the ARM mbed Internet of Things software platform and a Bluetooth Low Energy development chip in 24 hours. Our result: the Slouch-o-meter.

More open source code can be found on my GitHub.