An introduction to NLP classificiation techniques in Python for the 2017 NIPS competition track

25 September 2017

I demonstrate some basic techniques for machine learning and data analysis with NLP, with the theory behind them, in the context of the MSKCC's competition on extracting the class of genetic mutation from clinical text data.

Cracking the Restaurant Industry

16 July 2017

A team of me, Thilo Weigert and Marc Giraud took on the task of predicting restaurant success using data analysis for our final project in my MIT Sloan class on Business Analytics (15.071).

The 2015 ARM mbed Hackathon

7 November 2015

The task was to create a wearable device using the ARM mbed Internet of Things software platform and a Bluetooth Low Energy development chip in 24 hours. Our result: the Slouch-o-meter.